An Australian exploration and development company

Our focus is identifying new metal resources in Australia using:

Proprietary mineral occurrence databases,
Spatial analysis tools, and
An experienced governance and management team

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Duke Exploration was formed to take advantage of new Big Data Analytical techniques that when applied to the masses of pre-competitive digital data (from state geological surveys, Government Reports from previous explorers, research papers and studies) allows new and forgotten mineralised systems and prospects to be identified.

Big Data is a terminology used to describe massive volumes of both structured and unstructured data that are so large, it is difficult to process using subjective data analysis or traditional database and software techniques.

The new techniques, adopted by Duke allow for the processing and interpreting of large volumes of geological, geophysical and geochemical data and increase data analyses at significantly advanced rates than ever before, leading to faster and more informed decisions.

Our aim is to:

  • Identify undiscovered resources within our tenement areas.
  • Fast track the creation of shareholder value through well consider, cost efficient exploration.
  • Transform mineral resources into shareholder prosperity.

Corporate Strategy

Technical mineral exploration strategy that will be most successful for an organisation is that which best matches the distinctive capabilities of that organisation and its operating environment.

The Company’s principal business strategies are, and will continue to be:

  • the acquisition, exploration, development of high demand metals such as gold, copper, lithium, boron and cobalt properties
  • increased shareholder wealth by identifying and defining quantum value of our existing tenements
  • the provision of a pipeline of exploration targets through the strategic alliance with Kenex via detailed regional prospectivity analysis of new areas of interest .

Our projects have been chosen through a data driven process largely eliminating personal bias. This gives Duke Exploration Limited a greater chance of exploration success.

By statistically measuring geological potential, through a mineral prospectivity analysis process undertaken by our strategic ally Kenex Limited, our exploration effort and exploration funding will be spent in the most geologically permissive areas for the styles of mineralisation we are targeting.

This process will also determine what new data needs to be collected, improving the efficiency and reducing the cost of exploration planning for each tenement. Exploration funds are therefore more likely to increase value quickly at each tenement.

All projects contain modelling targets we have identified as having a number of key similarities to known economic deposits in the surrounding districts. They have been validated by past exploration but require further exploration to determine the scale of potential resources.

All tenements meet our current criteria of:

  • Commodity – Gold, Copper, Cobalt focus Economic drill intersections
  • Proximity to infrastructure Low sovereign risk
  • Low entry cost (vacant ground)

Our Goals

  • Raise up to $4.5-6m AUD in order to list on the ASX. and carry out exploration activities
  • Commence drilling on drill ready targets
  • Finalise data compilation, integration and interpretation to allow “ground truthing” and targeting of newly acquired projects .
  • Identify resources within 12 months of listing.
  • Define the resource/s within 24 months of listing

Approximately 99% of costs associated with Duke Exploration’s Board, Management team and advisors will be remunerated by taking up equity during the period prior to ASX listing.

Key Assets

  • Six (6) tenements currently owned by Duke Exploration.
  • A 5% free carried interest (with the opportunity to increase to 10%) up to bankable feasibility study in five tenements managed by Emmerson Resources Ltd (ASX:ERM) in New South Wales.
  • Strategic Alliance with Kenex for the use of spatial statistical computer software (e.g. Geographic Information System (GIS)) and targeting system processes, and the expertise of Kenex personnel to model and analyse data sets (sourced from government, company information and industry research) for factors specific to metals in various mineral systems which increase the probability of exploration success.
  • A strong mining industry governance and management team with a successful background in exploration, project development, operations, finance and corporate administration, focussed on maximising Duke Exploration’s unique competitive advantage and expertise to add shareholder value to tenements held by the company.
  • Extensive experience in managing and growing shareholder value for publicly listed companies around the world.
Iron Duke Exploration Australia - Gold, Copper, Cobalt
Iron Duke Exploration Australia - Gold, Copper, Cobalt
Iron Duke Exploration Australia - Gold, Copper, Cobalt
Iron Duke Exploration Australia - Prospectivity Modelling
Iron Duke Exploration Australia - Mine Cutting

Who we are

We are a group of resource professionals who have secured six exploration tenements with the aim of exploring, discovering and developing a number of targeted minerals.


Westrade is an investment company based in Geraldton, Western Australia. Westrade has enjoyed investment success with another business set managed by some of the Duke Exploration board members.

Westrade is following those individuals and backing their next venture – Duke Exploration.

Westrade will be a cornerstone seed investor and will continue to support the business through to listing.

Tuia Group

Tuia Group blends business consulting, commercial law and economic development expertise into a seamless range of services for organisation. Backed by management, corporate, legal and investment experts, Tuia Group works with clients across public and private sectors as well as indigenous groups and organisations in the Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific region.

Tuia Group will undertake the legal work required for listing and will be remunerated in-part by equity, Tuia Group will also inject additional seed capital.


Kenex Limited is a geological consulting and business development services firm based in New Zealand, that utilises their specialised intellectual property to identify opportunities for business development.


Wellypreneurs are a group of dedicated entrepreneurs and Angel investors based in Wellington, New Zealand.

They specialise in supporting technology and innovation enterprises and will be cornerstone investors in this unique mining exploration venture.

Management Team

Mr. Toko Kapea - Director – Iron Duke Exploration Australia

Non-Executive Chairman – Mr. Toko Kapea

Mr Toko Kapea is a Wellington (New Zealand) based director, commercial lawyer and consultant. Toko is a director of Tuia Group Limited and a partner in Tuia Legal. He is Chairman of Bathurst Resources Ltd (ASX listed, NZ’s mining company) and is a director of Television New Zealand (the state owned broadcaster).

Eugene Iliescu - Managing Director - Iron Duke Exploration Australia

Managing Director - Mr Eugene Iliescu

Eugene is an Engineer Surveyor with a degree in Social Science and over 35 years of experience in the resources sector. He has been involved in projects across the industry spectrum including exploration, mine development, mine operations and mine closure in Australia, USA, the Middle East, North Africa, Eastern Europe and the Pacific Region.

Dr Gregor Partington - Director – Iron Duke Exploration Australia

Non-Executive Director – Dr Gregor Partington

Dr Greg Partington is the Managing Director of his own New Zealand and Western Australian based company, Kenex, and of Kenex KSL, which is focused on creating business opportunities through the application of spatial and predictive modelling.

Mr Paul Frederiks - Non-Executive Director, Company Secretary – Iron Duke Exploration Australia

Executive Director, Company Secretary – Mr. Paul Frederiks

Paul Frederiks has extensive experience in public company financial and secretarial management with more than 30 years’ experience as a finance and corporate governance executive in the Australian resources sector, with an extensive knowledge base in listed public company reporting and compliance.

Mr Campbell McKenzie - Director – Iron Duke Exploration Australia

Technical Adviser - Michelle Stokes

Michelle Stokes has over 30 years work experience across mining, exploration, consulting, and the public sector. She was responsible for the development of successful mining projects in Western Australia as well as the Northern Gold portfolio in the Northern Territory. A consultant to the New Zealand Government, she managed its National Mining Index system and assisted in the implementation of the digital permit system. Michelle is a director and founding partner of Kenex.

The Kenex Team Strategic Alliance

Kenex Limited is a geological consulting & business development services company based in New Zealand, that utilises their specialised intellectual property to identify opportunities for business development. Duke has a strategic alliance agreement with Kenex. The projects within its portfolio were identified and acquired on the basis of Kenex’s prospectivity analysis and targeting work-flows, and Duke will continue to have access to these tools and expertise on a priority basis.

Kenex is a world leader in this type of work and the strategic alliance will take advantage of this expertise, experience and credibility to ensure the exploration effort is targeted, focussed and collects new data which will add value to the projects and ensure that exploration funds are spent in the most efficient and effective manner.

Contact us

If you have any questions, please contact
eugene iliescu at  md@duke-exploration.com.au or Toko Kapea at t.kapea@duke-exploration.com.au