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Lodgement of Prospectus with ASIC

The Prospectus relates to a proposed initial public offering of shares in Duke Exploration Limited ABN 28 119 421 868 (Duke or Company). It has been lodged with ASIC. An application for shares can be made by completing the relevant Application Form attached to or accompanied by the Prospectus and then lodging the form and the application monies in accordance with the details set out in the Prospectus and the Application Form. Please note there is no general public offer.

Electronic Prospectus

Any person accessing the electronic version of this Prospectus must be an Australian or New Zealand resident and must only access the Prospectus from within Australia or New Zealand. Persons who access the electronic version of this Prospectus should ensure that they download and read the entire Prospectus.

The Corporations Act prohibits any person passing onto another person an application form unless it is attached to a hard copy of this Prospectus or it accompanies the complete and unaltered version of this Prospectus. Any person may obtain a hard copy of this Prospectus free of charge by contacting Duke. If you have received this Prospectus as an electronic Prospectus, please ensure that you have received the entire Prospectus accompanied by an application form. If you have not, please contact Duke so either a hard copy or a further electronic copy of the Prospectus or both can be sent to you for free.

No Advice

Nothing contained on this website or in the Prospectus constitutes investment, legal, business, tax or other advice. In particular, the information on this website and in the Prospectus does not take into account your investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs. In making an investment decision, you must rely on your own examination of the Company and its securities and terms of the offer, including the merits and risks involved. You should consult your professional adviser for legal, business or tax advice.


For legal reasons, the electronic version of the Prospectus accessible through this website is available to persons accessing this website from within Australia and New Zealand only. If you are accessing this website from anywhere outside Australia or New Zealand, please do not download the electronic version of the Prospectus.

The Prospectus does not constitute an offer of securities in any jurisdiction where, or to any person to whom, it would not be lawful to issue the Prospectus or make the offer. If you are outside Australia or New Zealand it is your responsibility to obtain all necessary approvals for the allotment and issue of shares pursuant to this Prospectus. The return of a completed application form will be taken by Duke to constitute a representation and warranty by you that all relevant approvals have been obtained.

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