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Tenement Locations

Where we are active

We are focussed on large scale copper, gold and silver systems in Eastern Australia initially.

  • Near term resource and mine development opportunities in mining friendly jurisdictions.
  • Adding value through discovery and resource development.
  • Portfolio of exploration projects from advanced stage to conceptual.

The selection of all tenements was based on a rigorous application of various mineral system models using machine learning statistical spatial data analysis.

This is followed up using innovative modern technologies to develop resources, including geochemical analysis, down hole data, electrical geophysics and 3D mapping technologies.

Validation of exploration data completed for all projects and one near term mine development project ready for resource drilling with copper, silver and gold mineralisation mapped over a 1.2km strike to a depth of 300m.

Drill targets defined on all of the other projects, with the focus on drilling a new epithermal gold target similar to the nearby Cracow gold mine and Boda lookalike targets in the Lachlan.